Journal Publications

Journal publications

See below the list of journal papers published by the ESRs:

Shreyas Srivatsa, Pavithra Belthangadi, Shivakarthik Ekambaram, Manu Pai, Prosenjit Sen, Tadeusz Uhl, Saurabh Kumar, Krzysztof Grabowski and M. M. Nayak. Dynamic response study of Ti3C2-MXene films to shockwave and impact forces. RSC Adv., 2020, 10, 29147 DOI

Tsokanas, N.; Wagg, D.; Stojadinovic, B. Robust Model Predictive Control for Dynamics Compensation in Real-Time Hybrid Simulation 2020 DOI

Simpson, Thomas; Dervilis, Nikolaos; Chatzi, Eleni. On the use of Nonlinear Normal Modes for Nonlinear Reduced Order Modelling 2020 Preprint

Simpson, Thomas; Dertimanis, Vasilis; Papadimitriou, Costas; Chatzi, Eleni. On the Potential of Dynamic Substructuring Methods for Model Updating 2020 Preprint

Simpson, Thomas; Giagopoulos, Dimitrios; Dertimanis, Vasilis; Chatzi, Eleni. On Dynamic Substructuring of Systems with Localised Nonlinearities 2020 Preprint

Publications by DyVirt partners

See below a list of publications from DyVirt partners:

Larson, Karen; Bowman, Clark; Papadimitriou, Costas; Koumoutsakos, Petros; Matzavinos, Anastasios. Detection of arterial wall abnormalities via Bayesian model selection 2019 DOI

O Sedehi, D Teymouri, LS Katafygioti (2019). Quantification of Aleatory Uncertainty in Modal Updating Problems using a New Hierarchical Bayesian Framework. Page 1. 13th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering, ICASP13 Seoul, South Korea, May 26-30, 2019 DOI

Daniz Teymouri; Omid Sedehi; Lambros S. Katafygiotis; Costas Papadimitriou (2019). A New Online Bayesian Approach for the Joint Estimation of State and Input Forces using Response only Measurements. 13th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering, ICASP13; Seoul, South Korea, May 26-30, 2019 DOI

Papadimitriou C. (2020) Optimal Sensor Placement for Response Reconstruction in Structural Dynamics. In: Barthorpe R. (eds) Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, Volume 3. Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series. Springer, Cham DOI

Omid Sedehi , Lambros S. Katafygiotis and Costas Papadimitriou (2020) Hierarchical Bayesian Operational Modal Analysis: Theory and Computations. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing DOI